About Me

My name is Julie Burgers. I am a mother of 2, Qualified Pilates Instructor and Wellness advocate. I am passionate about family, healthy food and  living a healthy, wholistic and simple lifestyle. My mission is to teach others how easy it is to look after your body through Pilates movement therapy and how to incorporate natural alternatives  (essential oils) to support your family, health and wellbeing. Simple, effective and affordable.
Changing Careers
I love supporting and mentoring others to make simple changes that last a lifetime. In my former life I worked as a management accountant. I have always felt a calling to work in the natural therapies field and help others. Whilst working in my first job after university I started studying a remedial therapies course where I attained certificates in swedish massage, reflexology, introduction to aromatherapy , kinesiology.

Health and Wellness
I am very passionate about teaching people all the things I have learnt on my health journey. When I left high school at 17 I had chronic fatigue and my Mum had always given me to the best of both worlds conventional and natural medicine. I decided to make changes to my diet and my energy levels increased and so did my ability to focus and move forward with life. 

Growing up on the land
Growing up on a farm Mum grew her own vegetables, made her own preserves and it was eating produce in season and making the most of what we had. I now find myself doing the same thing  going back to basics and using the best of what nature provides.

Pilates came into my life on an overseas working holiday to the UK. I went to several classes and quickly fell in love with the modality. I can't tell you why but I had this k nowing that I wanted to teach even though I had never taught before. When I came home I searched out Pilates classes and soon found myself studying to be a Pilates instructor. Having a spondylolethesis I found this modality to be very beneficial and I felt like a new person everytime I did a work out.

Essential oils and why doTERRA
I have been using essential oils for 20 plus years and when I discovered doTERRA back in 2013 I knew that the doTERRA oils were very different to any I had used before. The quality, potency. I wasn't scared to use them as I became part of a community that educated on how to use these essential oils to support myself and my growing family. 
I have transformed the way I shop, clean my house and cook for my family. I love spending time with family and friends. Singing has always been part of my life in one way or another singing in the school and church choir and learning to play the piano and currently learning to play the guitar .