Marianne R

My son suffered from severe coughs every winter since he was 18 months old. When he was 4 years old I met Julie and she told me that easy air will help. I received the sample and borrowed a diffuser and used it each night. One evening I went out and came home to hear my son coughing and realised that I forgot to tell my husband to put the diffuser on. So I immediately placed the drops of easy air into my diffuser and within a short period of time he stopped coughing. From that moment I became a believer in the power of dottera oils. I now use easy air throughout the year along with a range of other oils. I am so grateful to Julie for giving me the opportunity to discover how important oils are for the health and benefit of our family.

B O'Connor

In April this year I badly burnt my neck with a curling iron, which unfortunately left quite a considerable scar. After using several ‘scar remedies’ that made no difference, I contacted Julie in August 2019 to see if she had anything that could help the appearance of my scar. I have been using the oil that Julie made me ever since and the scar is almost completely gone and I am so grateful I contacted her!

Sue King

had suffered from insomnia for over 40 years and had tried many natural supplements and had even taken sleeping tablets but stopped as I didn’t want to rely on them. When I heard that essential oils could help with my sleeping, my first thought was ‘I have heard this before’. But I thought it was worth a try as I wasn’t getting the sleep I needed using anything else. I bought a few different doterra oils that were recommended to help with sleep. I was surprised at the difference these made to my sleep pattern. I made up rollers using a combination of oils and each night before bed, I’d rub these on the sole of my feet. I started waking up in the morning feeling more refreshed after several hours more sleep each night. I have added more oils to my collection and I find I benefit from changing the combination I use in the roller every month or so. Using oils every night is just a part of my nightly routine now and I really am pleased these were recommended to me.

Tanya Maidment

I met Julie back in 2012 not long after I started with doTERRA. Julie’s dedication of sharing her passion for the oils has been truly inspiring. Her determination, commitment and enthusiasm has helped to change so many lives for the better. She truly cares about educating and empowering others to live a healthier and happier life and make the world a better place. Tanya Maidment Owner and Founder Green Life Organics & doTERRA diamond leader.

Fiona Jones - Owner of Natural Beauty Spot & IPL Clinic Bunbury

Julie’s knowledge, dedication and energy to inspire and share her knowledge is boundless! A genuine beautiful person.